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Åfallet Naturby

Haddebo: Åfallet 757
697 93 Hjortkvarn

+46-(0)76 - 114 88 11
Stay in a beautifully appointed tipi
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2-day forest adventure

Evening Canoeing and hiking in moss covered natural forest.
- The perfect mini-vacation in the woods for families, friends and colleagues.

Season: May 15 to September 15

Live in a teepee in one of Sweden's most primitive and natural ecotourism facilities: Åfallet Naturby. Experience the beauty of the Heart Lake archipelago on a guided night paddle, listening to the forest's mysterious sounds when you walk in the moss covered natural forest and enjoy cooking over an open fire.
In the Nature village´s ambient forests, moves fallow deer, roe deer and wild boar that leave traces behind, and if you're lucky maybe you'll see a moose. A wide range of bird species are nesting in the forests around Naturbyn.


Day 1:

After you have reached the Nature Village you will get an introduction to Åfallet Naturby and your tipi. You will be shown where to fetch water, the outhouse toilet and were to get fire wood, and how the outdoor kitchen works.

Then there will be cooking over an open fire with vegetarian and organic food.

Evening activity: we walk together down to the canoes located at the Heart Lake. Then, we set off on a guided night paddle in the beautiful Heart Lake with its small archipelago of some 30 small islands. In the Heart Lake hedges many seabirds and the mighty raptor and masterful fisherman osprey.

Day 2:
Breakfast at the wind shelter fireplace in the Nature Village. Guided hike in a natural forest. Then a walk through the moss covered natural coniferous forest. The guide will take you on an adventure where you get to meet the forest's diversity.
Packing and cleaning. Check-out before 16:00.

This includes:

• Introduction to the facility
• 1 night accommodation in a teepee for one person (with space for up to 4 people in each tent)
• organic and vegetarian foods for cooking over an open fire for one dinner.
• 3-hour nature tours Day 1 (evening canoeing)
• 2-hour nature tours Day 2 (Hiking)
• breakfast


1250 sec / person
750 sec for children up to 14 years

At least 2 people

Times and dates:
Check in from 11:00 Mondays the Thursdays
Departure day after
Season: May 15 to September 15

Säsong: 15 maj - 15 september

+46(0)76-1148811 or
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Nature Walks and Nature Experience Days
for groups with children and youth

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