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Åfallet Naturby

Haddebo: Åfallet 757
697 93 Hjortkvarn

+46-(0)76 - 114 88 11
Stay in a beautifully appointed tipi
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Nature tours

Guided nature tours usually takes 2-4 hours and can be booked throughout the summer season maj - September. We can also design a shorter or longer tours on request. Retrieval by car in Hjortkvarn or Pålsboda for you how travel by public transport can be arranged. During June-August we guide only Monday to Friday.
Please find our offerings below:

Experience a natural forest - Forest Trekking with organic refreshments  (2-3 hours or 4-5 hours)

Join us in an depth exploration of a beautiful forest with old trees, mossdraperad forest floor, and fallen trunks. A world of great diversity and beauty. During the tour you will learn about the situation of the Swedish forest, about old-growth forest dynamics and not least experience a real forest. We stop at a nice place during the tour to enjoy organic refreshments.
The tour takes place in the forest landscape Tylöskog located in South Närke, Örebro County, in the Heart of Sweden. In this landscape broadleaved forests meets the mighty conifer-dominated Taiga which extends over the entire Northern Hemisphere. Near the Åfallet Nature village you can find the largest concentration in Hallberg municipality of rich, older natural coniferous forest.
Guide: Viktor Säfve
Nature guide. Working with nature conservation and forest management and arranges nature and culture events. Grew up in Norrbotten (North Sweden), but now resides in the forest, Örebro County. Has been involved in forest issue in the 2000s through the network Protect the Forest and the local association the Eco of the Heart. He was forest officer at Greenpeace in 2008. Now chairman of the International Network for forest protection TRN and board member of the organization Protect the Forest. Trivia: Drummer and forest walkers.
Nature Tours with refreshments, 2-3 hours
350 sek per person (minimum 2 persons)
Group rates: 200 sek per person, but at least 2000 sek
Incl. VAT
Nature Tours with refreshments, 4-5 hours
480 sek per person (minimum 2 persons)
Group rates: 300 sek per person, but at least 3000 sek
Discounted rates for school groups and children's groups. Contact us for rates.
We also customize program with or without accommodations, please contact us with requests for quotation.
For companies / organizations / agencies / associations or schools:
We offer guided tours as above or according to your wishes! We can accommodate groups of up to 30 people for a half day or full day, incl. or exclusive of lunch. Overnight accommodation for max. 20 people. Food and breakfast can be arranged according to your wishes.
Contact us:
+46 (0) 76-1148811
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Nature Walks and Nature Experience Days
for groups with children and youth

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