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Thai Yoga Massage level 1 & level 2 - Aug. 11 - 24 2014


“Thai massage is like a thousand gentle waves washing over the body. Thai massage is like yoga for lazy people. Instead of doing yoga, they do it for you”
~ Chongkol Setthakorn ~


Relaxed, sunny and lightsome.
Join us in the stunning and healing simplicity of nature in Åfallet Nature Village learning and practising ~ Thai Yoga Massage ~ with SEN TOUCH.

Thai Yoga Massage level 1 & level 2

Two full Traditional Thai Yoga Massage courses, level 1 and level 2 given by Dechen and Mirjam, certified teachers from ITM, International Training Massage School, Chiang Mai (northern Thailand). Join us for our Thai Yoga Massage course at the quiet Åfallet Nature Village inside the peaceful old growth forest.

We provide healthy and delicious organic food and drinks. You will experience the feeling of being back to the basics.

Its also possible to join only level 1 and only level 2

What is Thai Yoga Massage: Stillness in action

Thai Yoga Massage or Nuad Bo-Rarn is a unique form of body therapy based on the concept of invisible energy lines running through the body. Working on the energy lines with massage can break the blockages, stimulate the free flow of energy, and help to restore general well-being.

It combines Hatha Yoga-like stretches, smooth flowing massage strokes and acupressure to stretch the muscles, open the joints and stimulate circulation and flexibility. The practice of Thai yoga massage is also a spiritual discipline since it includes the principles of mindfulness and loving kindness.

The Thai Massage practitioner will apply Yoga-like positions or asanas to stretch the receiver after loosening the body up with pressure point manipulation (acupressure) using hands, thumbs, feet and elbows.

The receiver is moved into various positions which incorporates a flowing series of moves whilst experiencing passively the benefits and relaxation of the stretches.

The postures and stretches create a slow movement, like a dance between the giver and the receiver, providing a sensation of profound relaxation and harmony.

This safe holistic treatment harmonizes the body, increases energy, relieves stress and promotes a peaceful mind.

Who are we:

Mirjam van Baardwijk and Dechen Verschueren are qualified and authorised teachers of Nuad Bo-Rarn, a Traditional Thai Massage from the north of Thailand.

To become a certified teacher of Nuad Bo Rarn, they followed the program of intensive teacher training at ITM (International Training Massage School), Chiang Mai. ITM is recognized internationally.

Impressed by these preventative and therapeutic technique they travelled and studied in Thailand and expanded their knowledge by following courses in Hot Herbal Compress massage, Thai Foot Reflexology, Thai Table Massage, Thai Chair Massage, Wat Po massage, Thai Oil Massage, Chi Nei Tsang and Rue Sri Datong.

In addition they taught Nuad Bo-Rarn at the ITM school and Thai Foot Reflexology at the Thai Community School for orphans in Chiang Mai.

Mirjam studied art, film and photography at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam. Mirjam is also a gifted teacher of children and languages. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, and through her love of culture and the arts came to discover the secrets of Thai Yoga Massage.

Mirjam is inspired to share the message of Thai Yoga Massage and encourage everyone to discover this in their own way, by letting go and give space to other people. To be authentic and act freely.

Dechen Verschueren is a long-life traveler, an artist and a passionate spiritual searcher.
In her late teens and early twenties she studied arts, specializing in painting and photography.
She has been a Buddhist nun ordained by His Holiness Dalai Lama for over a decade and a meditation instructor and teacher of Buddhist Thought and Practice.

In India she completed the Lama Tsong Khapa translator program, became a Tibetan interpreter and served in centers and institutes of Europe and Latin America.

Having returned her monastic vows she became a liscened Avatar Master and offered her skills as a health care assistant for terminally ill and elderly people.

In Chiang Mai,Thailand Dechen became a Thai Massage instructor.

In her manifold activities as an artist, health care assistant, teacher and massage therapist, she is inspired by the ideal of an authentic presence and the spirit of loving kindness.

Sen Touch is internationally accredited and run courses and retreats in Holland, Budapest, Brussels, Spain and Goa since 2011.

Dechen and Mirjam are teaching Thai Yoga Massage in a natural and friendly way, that is a real pleasure. They help their students to connect positively with their body, spirituality, the nature and the world. Dynamic and flowing, challenging and relaxing allowing everyone to discover, experience and remember the connection with themselves.

They are fascinated by the power of Thai Yoga Massage, meditation and yoga and are on a mission to share their message of compassion and understanding through the teaching of Thai Yoga massage to those who would hear the strength of the softly spoken voice.

Who is this course for:

This course is for anyone who wants to learn a healing practice for themselves and to share with others. Due to the personal attention, this workshop is open to everyone including beginners or more experienced practitioners. You don’t have to have any experience with yoga or massage.

What you will learn:

You will learn some great and helpful techniques to perform a full body Northern style Thai Yoga Massage as taught in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Strong emphasis will be on performing a massage with mindfulness, as a form of meditation; in this way the massage becomes a healing practice whereby you connect to the energy of the receiver, healing the person and yourself simultaneously. It’s a wonderful way to relax and to be present at the same time.

The major part of our day is filled with Thai Yoga Massage instruction and practice. This environment is ideal to study the healing art in a focused, relaxed and undistracted way.

Our quiet evenings are usually spent relaxing, exploring or stargazing. The nature village is right next to the Heart Lake's Archipelago Nature Reserve and it is only 500 m away where you can take a relaxing walk and swim.

We will teach Thai Yoga Massage level I and Level II.
From 11 – 08- 2014 till 24 - 08 -2014

LEVEL 1 (30 hours)
Foundation of Thai Massage (Nuad Bo–Rarn)

Prerequisite: None

The course covers :
• Front position (feet, legs, arms, head)
• Sitting position (back, neck and shoulders)
• Introduces the concept of energy lines (SEN)
• Teaches stretches and acupressure points
• Teaches proper use of body weight using thumbs, palms, elbows, and feet
• Emphasizes deep focused abdominal (Hara) work
• At the end of the course you will be able to give an effective 1- 1½ hour Thai Massage
• Meditation sessions
• Rue Sri Datton yoga
• Guided nature walk

LEVEL 2 (30 hours)
Intermediate Thai Massage (Nuad Bo–Rarn)

Prerequisite: ITM Level 1

The course covers:
• Expands on the techniques learned in Level 1 to cover the Side, Back (Prone) and Sitting Positions
• Advanced yoga like stretching movements
• At the end of the course you will have a substantial foundation of the major positions of Thai Massage and can expect to give a comprehensive 1½ to 3 hour Thai Massage
• Meditation sessions
• Rue Sri Datton yoga
• Guided nature walk


When you have completed the course there will be a practical examination. You will then receive a certificate approved and authorised by ITM and internationally recognized.

The nature guided tours are led by Viktor Säfve who has several years of experience in nature tours. With his deep knowledge of old-growth forest ecosystems and their function here on earth, he leads exciting guided tours where participants can discover and open their eyes to the amazing abundance of life found in the forest! The tours are mainly run in the Heart Leak Archipelago Nature Reserve, which lies right next to Åfallet Nature Village.


Accommodation and food:

Our guests are welcome to stay in simple tipi-tents with a cosy fireplace in the middle. Åfallet Nature village is one of Sweden's most primitive and close to nature hostel with outside toilets and showers and bathing in the lake. Drinking water is obtained from our well with a hand pump. 




€ 1180 Thai Yoga Massage level 1&2 including organic and vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner and accommodation.
€ 650 if you only follow level 1 including organic and vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner and accommodation.
€ 650 if you only follow level 2 including organic and vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner and accommodation.
€ 100 discount if you have followed level 1 with Sen Touch.
€ 300 euro dicount if you have followed level 1&2 with Sen Touch.

Reservations, Deposit and Payment:


Our reservations are taken with a first come first serve policy!
Deposit of € 350 (70% refundable) in our account will reserve your place. Remaining balance due before 1 st of july.

Please note that all our prices include VAT. 

International bank account:

ING bank accountnumber:NL54INGB0005888015
ING bank Swift/Bic: INGBNL2A

NOTE Registration is mandatory! Maximum 18 participants

What to bring:

Comfortable loose fitting clothes for the Thai Yoga Massage sessions, a yoga mat (if you have one) a shawl or blanket, warm clothes, swimwear, towel, sleeping bag and pillow and a spare blanket.


For more information about the Thai Yoga Massage course call or email us :
Dechen: +31657931768
Mirjam: +31614126987

For information regarding accommodation, food and directions to Åfallet Nature Village email us: or call Viktor: +46 (0)76-11 48 811 

Date / Time:

Arrival: Sunday 10 august
Course level 1 (6 days) starts from Monday 11 august 9.30 to saturday 16 august
Course level 2 (6 days) starts from Monday 18 august 9.30 to saturday 23 august
Departure: Monday 25 august

You can depart any time during the day. We will all miss you!

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