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Åfallet Naturby

Haddebo: Åfallet 757
697 93 Hjortkvarn

+46-(0)76 - 114 88 11
Stay in a beautifully appointed tipi
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Our philosophy

We want our guests to feel that the nature is a source worth to take care of. We want to give our guests the opportunity to spend time in nature in a way that does not put strain on the environment that our guests have come to enjoy, but actually even contributes to nature conservation.

Our aim is to provide quality education and outdoor experiences through guided tours, inspiring courses and events within environment, health and culture.

With our work, we want to raise awareness of the value of nature and its diversity of opportunities. We focus on sustainable living, multiple use, ecology, conservation, and combine this with exciting cultural events and recreation.

The heart of our business is the forest and the closeness to different natural environments and water. We use as much natural and recycled materials as possible – for aesthetic and environmental reasons. Collaborations with local businesses, the supply of organic and vegetarian food, recycling and composting is a natural part of the business.

Ecotourism is about:
  • to have fun.
  • to stimulate the joy of discovery, curiosity and respect for nature.
  • not to destroy and put strain on the natural environments you come to experience.
  • to contribute actively to nature conservation and conservation of cultural values.
  • to benefit local businesses.

Recreation and public education in and about nature is the foundation of our business.
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Nature Walks and Nature Experience Days
for groups with children and youth

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