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Åfallet Naturby

Haddebo: Åfallet 757
697 93 Hjortkvarn

+46-(0)76 - 114 88 11
Stay in a beautifully appointed tipi
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About the Nature Village

Åfallet Naturby is located in the province Närke, one hour drive south from Örebro, only three hours from Stockholm and Gothenburg. The Nature Village is a small ecotourism facility designed for courses and accommodation with self-catering. Here you can find tent tipis to sleep in, a kids' tent tipi, a shelter, hammocks and several fireplaces. An octagonal pavilion is available for courses and as a stage.

Åfallet Naturby is located in the middle of the woods next to a nature reserve, only a few hundred meters from the Heart-Lake. There is an abundance of wildlife including: moose, deer, osprey and swan. At the Heart-Lake, there is a swim platform and the opportunity to go canoeing. The beautiful Heart-Lake consists of soft cliffs and moraine.

The Nature Village has no electricity and water is collected in a well. You can cook in our outdoor kitchen over an open fire with a simple kitchen- and dishwashing equipment. It is far from the nearest neighbor and the area is almost completely free of traffic, so the silence is remarkable. Of course there are also waste separation and approved outhouses. Next to the Nature Village you can see the croft Åfallet, with traditional fences, fruit trees and vegetable and herbal gardens.

You can stay in one of our beautiful furnished tents with self-catering, participate in a nature tour, or book yourself on one of our courses (courses and guided tours include meals and refreshments). We also accept school groups and other groups for short and long visits.

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Nature Walks and Nature Experience Days
for groups with children and youth

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