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Åfallet Naturby

Haddebo: Åfallet 757
697 93 Hjortkvarn

+46-(0)76 - 114 88 11
Stay in a beautifully appointed tipi
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The People behind the Nature Village

We are two nature lovers who live at Åfallet, a croft bordering to Åfallet Naturby. We try to live as sustainable as possible, grow and buy organic food.

Åfallet Naturby was started to share the special experiences and the beauty which the place and nature offers, and to give people the opportunity to deepen their relationship with nature and the forest through varied experiences and knowledge about the environment and health.

Viktor: 35 years, host, practical chores at Åfallet and nature guide in English and Swedish. He is also working with nature conservation and forest management. Has been a Board member of the national organization Protect the Forest and the international Taiga Rescue Network. He has previously worked for a time as a pre-school teacher and studied art at two colleges, where the focus was on creation in relation to nature. He has a love for long profound walks in the forest.

Elin: 32 years, host and nature guide in German and Swedish. Special education teacher in Germany and teacher i Sweden. Lots of nonprofit work with children and young people in different educational contexts. She is always working with a project on Åfallet, often something seasonal such like harvesting, making jam and juice, or working with any chores of the farm: carpentry, vegetable garden, wood, etc. Member of the local natural and cultural organization Hjärtats Eko and engaged in the national organization Protect the Forest.

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Nature Walks and Nature Experience Days
for groups with children and youth

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